IP Landscape Analysis

Our teams at Global have completed hundreds of detailed and high level IP Landscape analyses to help our clients successfully identify and capture the most promising opportunities. Our strong technical expertise and over 25 years of searching experience, allow us to efficiently and effectively mine the most critical information and present a clear picture of the essential IP within a given technical arena. The search identifies patents, published applications, and non-patent technical literature when called for, in a specified technology of interest. The analysis makes use of the IP data to identify fundamental patents in the space, potential competitors or partners, technology trends and potential whitespace. Additionally, the search results can be summarized using our proprietary deliverable, the Global Map, which presents the information in a highly effective, visual format. The scope of the search and the methods of analysis are customized to match your goals and needs.

The Global Prior Art IP Landscape can help our clients:

  • Better understand the IP surrounding a technology area
  • Evaluate competitor portfolios
  • Understand their IP position within the space
  • Maximize the potential of their IP and develop strategies for future filings