Accelerated Exam

The USPTO instituted a new accelerated examination procedure for patent applications in June 2006, and has processed nearly 4000 such applications in the first four years of the program. This process allows for applications to be examined in an expedited fashion, with a decision guaranteed to be rendered within one year. One of the mandatory elements of this procedure is that the applicant is required to perform a pre-examination patentability search based on the broadest possible interpretation of the independent claims of the application. As this search takes the place of the USPTO examiner search, the quality of the search report and results is critical.

Global Prior Art has significant experience in performing searches and reporting the results in support of an Accelerated Exam. To date, Global Prior Art's searches have consistently resulted in positive outcomes for our clients.

As a trusted and experienced partner in accelerated exam cases, our technical experts:

  • Are fully informed of the USPTO requirements for the search procedure
  • Can expertly guide you through the Accelerated Exam process
  • Produce the required pre-examination search report in the correct format
  • Provide the closest references to your claims