Litigation Support

Global Prior Art is an established leader in the field of world-wide prior art searches, with a proven record of success in thousands of high stakes cases. Our combination of extensive manual searching and intimate knowledge of the best sources for highly relevant art in each technical category is unrivaled. Our searchers have the technical expertise and extensive search experience necessary to locate the most relevant prior art references to build a winning anticipatory or obviousness argument to content the validity of a target patent. Global Prior Art has the resources to cover both English-language patents and technical literature as well as foreign language documents, in the original language of publication. Our team of specialists have the language capabilities to search in German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and French. Since our searchers are fluent in the language of origin of a document and experts in the technology, you can be confident in the quality and thoroughness of the search.

Our Litigation Support team provides:

  • Customized search strategies based on the technology and aligned with your goals
  • Manual class-based review of US and/or foreign patents and applications
  • Comprehensive coverage of non-patent literature, including conference proceedings, monographs and theses
  • Access to world class libraries and technical holdings
  • The closest references containing the targeted claim elements and technology