Understanding your technology is critical. Having an analyst that can provide insight into the field of search is essential. The technical backgrounds of our analysts are closely matched with each specific project and client to fully leverage their expertise and experience. We believe that the success of any given project is highly dependent on the quality of the analyst's technical background and actual search experience.

Our analysts and managers are chosen because they are world-class scientists and engineers who have decided to apply their formidable technical understanding and analytical skills to IP related issues for our clients. They are expertly trained in our proprietary search methodology and receive on-going education on IP-related matters that affect our clients.

The strength of our teams is evident in the quality of the direct interaction between each team member and our clients on every project. We believe that transparency is essential to building trust and to ensuring that every opportunity for success is captured by working closely and openly with our clients. Every project is critical and benefits the collective knowledge of our firm and as well as each individual member of the team.

Please review the specific backgrounds of our very talented teams in each of the technical categories listed.