Who We Are

Leading law firms and companies choose Global Prior Art to empower well-informed, successful decisions surrounding patent litigation, product clearance (FTO) and planning, licensing and acquisition due diligence, IP portfolio construction and business opportunity assessment. Global’s technical specialists provide proprietary visualization tools that allow our clients to leverage critical information typically buried in thousands of patent documents. We enable our legal clients to offer sound opinions based on comprehensive and accurate searches. We position our corporate clients to make the right strategic business decisions, ahead of their competitors.

Our History

Global Prior Art, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Dr. Bruce Rubinger, who remains the firm’s managing director. Global began as a pioneer in the field of international prior art searches and has evolved into the worldwide leader in complete IP analysis. Global is headquartered in Boston with searchers based throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, China and Russia. We have broad experience searching literature and patents in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Israel, Sweden, and Switzerland; among other countries. Global’s staff consists of close to 50 technical specialists with advanced degrees from schools such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins; as well as other world-renowned institutions.


Our strength comes from our deep understanding of technology and strong IP search expertise developed over three decades. The result is unrivaled performance and impact.