September 9, 2021

The commercial introduction of various AI applications has spurred interest by IP departments in adopting AI tools. It is essential to determine the effectiveness of such tools in the hands of experts- what are the best applications? and how much human effort is required before such tools can perform adequately? An overarching issue is to understand the optimal balance between HI (human intelligence) and AI, a key challenge facing today’s IP departments.

This webinar reflects GPA’s long experience creating and utilizing tools to analyze patent information, the firm’s diverse efforts helping clients create an IP strategy road map to success in complex IP spaces, and recent work utilizing AI tools such as classifiers working in tandem with GPA’s technical experts. We’ll also draw from Cipher’s deep expertise in AI and machine learning and its application to the IP marketplace.

The webinar covers the key pillars shaping effective use of AI:

  • Introduction to AI-based classifiers, the importance of training data
  • Applying classifiers (challenges, efficiencies and limitations)
  • The subject matter expert’s role in applying AI classifiers
  • Application to smart contact lenses & wearables space
  • Deep insights through human analysis
  • HI & AI classification in action: core use cases such as market & technology surveillance, whitespace/gap analysis, portfolio benchmarking, etc.

We concluded with takeaways on the distinct advantages of human intelligence and AI classifiers, and the ability of human intelligence to unlock the full potential of AI classifiers.


Benedikt Biechele, Group Leader – Electronics, Global Prior Art

Steve Harris, CTO, Cipher

Brendan Sever, VP – Electronics, Global Prior Art

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