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Who is leading the AI chips IP race? Best practice in IP management

By Bruce Rubinger and Jason Hannon February 12, 2020 AI and its diverse applications (eg, machine learning and deep learning) have seen significant market growth in the past decade and are on the cusp of transforming many industries. As one of the hottest technologies, AI underpins the performance of: data centers; voice assistants; targeted [...]

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Leveraging Cutting Edge Biotechnology Research in Japan For Stronger IP Portfolios and Research Prioritization

By Chie Mueller-Hillebrand Ph.D., David Adamovich Ph.D., and Drew Lowery, Ph.D. December 10, 2020 Japan is not the first country that comes to mind when Senior Managers and IP Attorneys within the Massachusetts Biotech sector discuss leading edge biotech research and its implications for research directions and IP. However, as the Nobel Prize awards [...]

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Successful IPRs – Lessons from the Trenches on Several Key Implementation Factors

By Bruce Rubinger and Brendan Sever November 30, 2020 (updated January 12, 2021) Introduction Inter-partes reviews (IPRs) have transformed patent strategy, providing a low-risk and (relatively) low-cost way to challenge the validity of patents. As of Sep 30, 2020 nearly 12,000 IPRs have been petitioned before the PTAB since the AIA went into effect. [...]

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